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Home Remedies Health

“Within each of us, nature has provided all the pieces of the puzzle necessary to achieve exceptional health and wellness … then let it up to us to put them all together.” ~ Diane McLaren

Home remedies health is a way that we can naturally heal ourselves and provide our body with the health and nutrients it needs to be healthy and well.

Home remedies and natural cures have always been with us -even some that we may not even realize have been passed down from our grandparents through the generations and various cultures.

Have you ever been told by someone to…

  • drink hot lemon and honey tea for a cold …or
  • chicken noodle soup when you are sick … or
  • prunes for constipation?

These are all examples of home remedies and natural cures.

Many home remedies are passed down because they worked and continue to work … sometimes even better than the western medical treatments.

Why Use Home Remedies and Natural Cures?

In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.  ~Author Unknown

  1. Because most of the time they are safer, natural and cheaper alternatives.
  2. Because they worked for others.
  3. Other options didn’t work.
  4. Because after trying them, you discover they work.

Often times people have exhausted all their options -usually the standard western medical treatments- and have started to research and look into other options that can help them heal their body and get better.

This is why these treatments are often called Alternative or Home Remedies.

Many of these treatments have been passed down from our great grandparents through the generations.

Many of these treatments are not alternative in other countries, but are actually widely used practices such as acupuncture, massage, and many herbal remedies.  It is because they work.

It is unfortunate when these alternative treatments are simply ignored because they have not been researched or are not widely used in western medicine.  Research costs a lot of money and rarely will cheap and easy to find herbal treatments be studied the way that expensive, chemical treatments will be, because it simply is not worth it.

What are Home Remedies and Natural Cures?

Home remedies and natural cures are simply made from using various parts of plants, herbs, spices and foods that we already eat.

Many of these natural herbs and foods have natural abilities to help our body fight dangerous bacteria and viruses, disease, inflammation, pain and other damage to our bodies.

Home remedies are easy to make at home, are less expensive than medications bought through a doctor or pharmacist, and usually home remedies are beneficial and harmless -especially when compared to western medications that can have many side effects.

Types of Home Remedies & Alternative Medicine Treatments

Home Remedies, Natural Cures & Alternative Medicine Treatments include Herbalism, nutritional supplements, Naturalpathy, Aromatherapy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Yoga, and other integrated treatments.

Many of these treatments have been growing in popularity and are at times even recommended by some physicians, nutritionists and dieticians.

The better informed we are about the alternative treatments that are available, and the more each of us is about our options -the better able we will be to request and pursue the best interventions for our individual situation.

It is essential for you to know the best options that are available to treat your health!

When Given the Right Tools, Our Body Wants to Heal Itself

Our body is always in a process of fixing itself.

There is always a state of healing in our body.

We are fighting the toxins, chemicals, preservatives, contaminants, oxidation, sun damage, etc around us.

Our body is always fighting to maintain balance and health.  When we give our body the nutrients and healthy enviroment it needs to re-build and heal itself …

…the body will constantly amaze us!

It is important to do the things we know to do:  a healthy balanced diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, regular exercise, meditation and when our body is sick… give it the proper healing environment with alternative treatments and the herbal and home remedies health benefits.

“It’s sort of back to the future. Two hundred years ago we only used herbs and supplements, then along came prescription medications and we stopped using as many home remedies. And now that we are more aware that not all drugs are miracle drugs, and many drugs have side effects, we’re back to using more home remedies. But doctors are slower to start using them again than parents are.”
~Dr Kathi Kemper

Always Be an Informed Consumer

There are so many home remedies health benefits, and yet it is important to be cautious and an informed consumer.  There are controversial alternative medicine treatments and natural healing methods such as colonics, body wraps, detox diets, some hair loss treatments as well as leeches and chinese cup therapy.  Understanding the pros and cons of controversial treatments will help you determine what is best for you and your body.

Also, it is important to realize that many alternative treatments are not covered by insurance.  Usually they are not nearly as expensive; however, it is important to calculate those costs and know if/when they are covered by your insurance.

Sometimes you just have to find a doctor who is willing to write you a prescription for a alternative therapy and then it will be paid by insurace.  This will especially be true if you have a health savings account or medical spending account -as there are many alternative treatments that you can have covered by your personal HSA -you will need to check with your insurance for all those details.

Many foods we eat as well as herbal and nutritional supplements can interact with certain medications, so it is important to do your research on the herbal and nutritional supplements as well as the medications and prescription you take.  Be sure your doctor and pharmacist has looked at all the medications and supplements you take to help you know if there are interactions between the medications.

If you are ever in doubt about any of the supplements or medications you are taking, talk to your doctor or a health professional.  This site does not diagnose or treat.  We only provide information to help you in your process of researching information to understand home remedies health benefits.